April 24, 2021

Hey it's Lyd and Ell here...

Today we got vaccinated under the blue whale, went to the Tulip Festival, had a picnic in Central Park, went to Fort Tilden, attended an opening, and got dinner. Wow, what a big day! Time for some rest.

Getting the vaccine under the whale Lydia and the whale.
We got our vaccines at the Natural History Museum, under the big whale.
After we got the shot, we headed to the photo op and then to the West Side Community Garden.
It was the Tulip Festival.
There were many variations.
We took pictures of each other.
We took pictures of ourselves and others.
Next door to the garden was a flower-themed playground.
On our way to the next destination, we made some architectural observations.
This included sign observations.
We got a sandwich and biscuit from Peacefood Cafe to eat in Central Park. Then we drove down to the beach, past the Verrazano Bridge.
After walking along the beach for a while, we drove back up Belt Parkway to the city.
We went to visit the birds at Wild Bird Fund then went to the opening of Gern's new space.
Yellow flowers were blooming along the sidewalk and we walked past Grace Church just as the sun was setting.